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Sterling Silver Figaro Chain Necklaces : 3mm Figaro Chains
4mm Figaro Chains : 5mm Figaro Chains
6mm Figaro Chains : 8mm Figaro Chains
10mm Figaro Chains : 11mm Figaro Chains

When buying a Sterling Silver Chain you must know the weight, whether it is filled, solid Silver or just plated. We guarantee products to be Fine 92.5 Sterling Silver Jewelry and never plated or filled. Our chain weights are approximate due to slight variations during manufacturing. Weights are guaranteed to be within 3% of approximation. If a retailer does not supply you with this information or guarantee, you should ask, "Why?"
Our Figaro Chains are SOLID Sterling Silver and not plated or bonded. They are the REAL thing!
We have GREAT prices! - 7 Different Figaro Chain sizes to choose from!

Looking for Curb Chains?

sterling silver 3mm Figaro necklace 1AH003
(Click on photo for ordering details)
Model #1AH003
Sterling Silver 3mm
Figaro Chains

18" Price: $31.75 (approx. 6.7 grams)
30" Price: $55.95 (approx. 11.5 grams)
sterling silver 4mm Figaro necklace 1AH004
(Click on photo for ordering details)
Model #1AH004
Sterling Silver 4mm
Figaro Chains

7" Price: $21.95 (approx. 4.5 grams)
16" Price: $41.85 (approx. 8.6 grams)
18" Price: $47.95 (approx. 9.7 grams)
20" Price: $51.25 (approx. 10.5 grams)
24" Price: $62.95 (approx. 12.9 grams)
30" Price: $78.50 (approx. 16.1 grams)
sterling silver 5mm Figaro necklace 1AH005
(Click on photo for ordering details)
Model #1AH005
Sterling Silver 5mm
Figaro Chains

7" Price: $28.95 (approx. 5.9 grams)
8" Price: $32.65 (approx. 6.5 grams)
16" Price: $58.90 (approx. 12.1 grams)
18" Price: $69.95 (approx. 14.6 grams)
20" Price: $78.50 (approx. 16.2 grams)
24" Price: $94.50 (approx. 19.5 grams)
30" Price: $118.25 (approx. 24.3 grams)
sterling silver 6mm Figaro necklace 1AH006
(Click on photo for ordering details)
Model #1AH006
Sterling Silver 6mm
Figaro Chains

8" Price: $49.50 (approx. 10.5 grams)
16" Price: $103.50 (approx. 21.4 grams)
18" Price: $106.50 (approx. 22.5 grams)
20" Price: $126.75 (approx. 26.2 grams)
24" Price: $150.95 (approx. 31 grams)
30" Price: $189.75 (approx. 39 grams)
sterling silver 8mm Figaro necklace 1AH008
(Click on photo for ordering details)
Model #1AH008
Sterling Silver 8mm
Figaro Chains

7" Price: $96.50 (approx. 19.9 grams)
9" Price: $103.75 (approx. 21.4 grams)
18" Price: $198.75 (approx. 41 grams)
20" Price: $237.75 (approx. 49 grams)
24" Price: $260.95 (approx. 54 grams)
30" Price: $366.00 (approx. 74.5 grams)
sterling silver 10mm Figaro necklace 1AH009
(Click on photo for ordering details)
Model #1AH009
Sterling Silver 10mm
Figaro Chains

8" Price: $120.75 (approx. 24.8 grams)
9" Price: $135.85 (approx. 27.9 grams)
18" Price: $267.95 (approx. 55 grams)
20" Price: $299.95 (approx. 62.2 grams)
24" Price: $365.50 (approx. 74.8 grams)
sterling silver 11mm Figaro necklace 1AH010
(Click on photo for ordering details)
Model #1AH010
Sterling Silver 11mm
Figaro Chains

20" Price: $427.50 (approx. 88 grams)
22" Price: $470.50 (approx. 98 grams)

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